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File created: 5/7/2024 In control: Clark County Board of Commissioners
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Title: Approve and authorize the creation of nine (9) proprietary fund permanent positions, for the Clark County Water Reclamation District, for the fiscal year 2025; or take other action as appropriate. (For possible action)
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CLARK COUNTY Water Reclamation District

Board of Trustees




Thomas A. Minwegen, General Manager



Approve and authorize the creation of nine (9) proprietary fund permanent positions, for the Clark County Water Reclamation District, for the fiscal year 2025; or take other action as appropriate.  (For possible action)





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O&M Funds

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CCWRD General Funds

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Supplemental Positions

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Nine (9) new permanent positions have been identified that are deemed critical to the Clark County Water Reclamation District    operations. The positions and classifications are listed as follows:

WRD Mechanical Technician III (C28)
                                          1 Permanent
Senior Programmer Analyst (I30)
                                          1 Permanent
Systems Programmer (I29)
                                                       2 Permanent
WRD Planner Scheduler (C29)
                                                       1 Permanent
Senior Human Resources Analyst (I30)
                                          1 Permanent
Human Resource Analyst I (I28)
                                          1 Permanent
Project Coordinator (C28)
                                                       1 Permanent
Water Quality Specialist (C28)
                                                       1 Permanent

The WRD Mechanical Technician III for Lift Stations will help assure continuity of operations, including local and national emergency and disaster situations. Improved staffing coverage is needed to address asset management protocols to prevent failures and equipment down time.  With 24 critical lift stations throughout the Collection System, constant attention is warranted to maintain operations.

The Senior Programmer Analyst will serve as Team Lead to provide skilled programming ability, guidance, and leadership to the Application Development Team by configuring databases, data warehouses, and data streams according to business requirements. The position will also create procedures to ensure data accuracy and accessibility by analyzing, planning, and defining data architecture framework, including security, reference data, metadata, and master data.

The Systems Programmer positions will be responsible for managing and maintaining corporate networks and servers. The District must ensure a smooth and secure computer network operation supporting voice, data, and wireless network services. The integrity of the District’s telecommunications and networks is necessary to provide proper support to the District’s critical infrastructure. A second position is necessary to support the District’s cybersecurity prevention programs, safeguard the District’s digital assets, monitor and prevent phishing attacks, critical vulnerabilities (like zero-day exploits), malware injections, access control abuse, data breaches, and cyber security threats. The position will also provide security risk monitoring, ongoing cyber security risk assessments, describe how vulnerabilities are tracked and monitored, outline significant security incidents that occurred, and present details on incident response and resolution. This position will contribute significantly to the District’s resilience against cyber threats.

The WRD Planner Scheduler will advance and support the District’s asset management and reliability centered maintenance initiatives, the proper planning and scheduling of critical assets, and process improvements to drive more efficient workflows, audit monitoring, and data collection of the assets to address the supply chain management issues challenging procurement efforts.

The Senior Human Resources Analyst will be assigned to the training and development of District personnel.  The position’s primary focus will be to provide training to support the succession plans of the District and provide training to assist existing employees to be prepared for promotional opportunities in all service centers of the District. This position will also create and deliver management/supervisory training, assist with facilitating technical training for field personnel in the areas of the Collection System, Plant Operations, and Mechanical Maintenance.

The Human Resource Analyst I will perform onboarding duties of all new-hired employees. Assigned tasks will include managing pre-employment drug test referrals, criminal fingerprinting referrals, and education and employment background checks among other assigned office duties.  Currently, these tasks are being performed by higher-level human resource personnel that keeps them from performing their specialized support functions.

The Project Coordinator will be assigned to the District’s asset management and reliability-centered maintenance program to manage and administer the various facility service contracts. The position will track and coordinate site visits, work activities, process purchase requests and invoices, and develop reporting for management. The position will also spend time updating and improving contract scopes for future bids, interact with the business community to follow trends and build working relationships with other facility groups throughout the valley.

The Water Quality Specialist position will perform a variety of professional and technical tasks in support of water quality management and pollution control for the Clark County program. Activities involve inspections and approval of nonpoint source water pollution controls, review and approval of regulatory documentation, and enforcement of water pollution control regulations. (This position is requested as the Agent for the Clark County Water Quality Planning Division, and has been supported by the Clark County Budget staff).

All requested positions will be responsible to perform the actual work assignments and processes to complete the business tasks that support District customers and stakeholders.

The Board is being asked to authorize the creation of these nine (9) permanent positions. Recruitment for these positions will commence upon Board approval.

This agenda item has been reviewed and approved by the District General Counsel.